Happy Go Lucky


The sweetest little Marmoset Found ceramic vase filled with a beautiful selection of blooms

This pack also comes with a Huxter Home hand cream and Thirsty Body Scrub;

available in 4 blends.

  • Queen Bee
    Sweet honey, rich elevated notes of beeswax with a backdrop of savoury coconut and dark sugar
  • Go to sleep
    Cardamon and Lavender with undertones of caramelised brown sugar and coconut
  • Fancy AF
    Bright floral tones, sweet caramelised coconut with clarifying Australian sea salt
  • Feelin Peachy
    Sweet, fresh, juicy peach and toasty caramelised sugar will leave you smelling good enough to eat



Just like your wardrobe, our varieties will change with the seasons. Our arrangements are delivered in water suitable for the day.

Our Process.

No fuss, just the goodies! At Flower Bowl, we make the entire order process super easy for customers. All varieties are carefully selected by our team at local flower markets and arranged beautifully by hand in-store before delivery.

  • We hand-select local market varieties

  • We receive your personal order

  • We carefully arrange your selection in-store

  • Our friendly driver delivers with a smile to your chosen address

  • You receive a delivery confirmation receipt

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